What is Nutrition? A Comprehensive Guide for Class 7 Students

Nutrition is a vital process for obtaining energy from food. It is the way in which living organisms obtain the nutrients they need to build their bodies, grow, repair damaged parts, and provide energy to carry out life processes. There are three main types of nutrition: saprotrophic, autotrophic, and heterotrophic. Saprotrophic nutrition is the absorption of nutrients from dead and decaying matter in solution form.

This type of nutrition is exhibited by organisms such as amoeba, which absorb complex substances and convert them into simpler substances. Autotrophic nutrition is when organisms make their own food from simpler substances. Plants, algae, and bacteria (cyanobacteria) are some examples of this type of nutrition. Heterotrophic nutrition is when organisms depend on others for food.

Holozoic nutrition is a type of heterotrophic nutrition that involves the ingestion, digestion, absorption, and assimilation of solid and liquid material. Additional Questions for Science Class 7 Chapter 1 Plant Nutrition with Answer Solutions can be found on the BYJU'S website or app. These questions will help students score more points on their CBSE Board exams.