What are 3 things we frequently hear about nutrition?

Real food is the key to health. Protein isn't the best source of energy. Good nutrition is the key to good physical and mental health. Eating a balanced diet is an important part of good health for everyone.

The type and amount of food you eat affect the way you feel and how your body works. Good nutrition means your body gets all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best. Plan your meals and snacks to include nutrient-rich foods that are also low in calories. Children who eat well tend to grow well.

Women who eat well are likely to have healthy babies. That's why it's important to know what food combinations make for a good meal and what the different dietary needs of different family members are. The best way to make sure we're getting enough of each nutrient and enough energy is to consume a mix of foods. Topic 3 explains how to combine foods to prepare good meals.

Appendix 1 lists the sources of each nutrient (see tables 1) and the nutrient content of the different foods (see the table).